Order nano-impregnation for upholstery and carpeting

In the field of soil and textile care, a lot has happened in recent years. New process technologies have developed and new products have appeared on the market. One important area is nanotechnology. This process involves a special new way of impregnating your upholstery fabrics to make them more resistant to dirt and dust. Thanks to the surface seal, the dirt simply rolls off and it can easily be wiped off with a cloth.

Nano impregnation

Upholstery cleaning with additional nano impregnation

Especially upholstered furniture is usually expensive and should therefore look like new for many years. The daily use of seating, as well as accidental stains, can make sofas and armchairs look unsightly over time. With a nano-impregnation we apply a dirt-repellent protective film on the fabrics. The pleasant consequence of this protective film is that new contaminants are easier to remove from the fabrics. Color and fabric qualities are not changed by the nano-impregnation.

Here is a video of applied nano-impregnation after cleaning

The impregnation as a perfect means for a refreshment of the upholstered furniture

They can use the modern method not only as a preventive measure, but also as a means of refreshing the seating. An impregnation does much more than normal cleaning and vacuuming of the armchairs and sofas allow. However, an impregnation must be repeated at regular intervals.

What makes us special?

We are a professional cleaning company specializing in the commercial cleaning and care of floors and upholstery of all kinds. If you are interested in a special impregnation in nanoprocessing, please contact us. We have a perfect understanding of nano-impregnation and will gladly work for you as a company or as a private person.

Call us on 030-60609848 or send us a request via Whatsapp on 0162-9620833 as well as by mail to office@mobileteppichreinigung.de

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